This code appearance is a matter I would like you to observe with customers who deal with freewave Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “model office”) (hereinafter “client”). Please be sure to check before dealings.
In addition, we will enter basic agreement and individual contract when deal closes.

Outline of contract

  • 1. The basic agreement is a model for advertisements or programs (broadcasting on TV, radio, etc., steel photographs, moving pictures, sound recording, web material etc.) commissioned by clients or their advertisers for planning and production The aim is to define the conditions concerning the appearance of the model (talent) belonging to the office and the acceptance of the use of the production concerning the appearance.
  • 2. Individual cases to be concluded during the term of the contract are applied based on individual contracts between the client and model office.
  • 3. In concluding individual contracts, we guarantee that we have the authority (portrait right, publicity right etc) necessary for concluding and fulfilling individual contract based on management contract signed between model office and affiliated model (talent) .
  • 4. If the model office’s model (talent)’s appearance becomes impossible due to reasons of force majeure such as illness, the model office promptly reports to the client and arranges for alternative models (talents) and other measures In order to resolve the problem.
     When using the product of the model (talent), the client takes care not to impair the quality of the model (talent) belonging to it and the cultivated image. Also, the model (talent) will not hurt the quality and credibility of advertisers of clients and clients.
  • 5. The client or model office may seek compensation for damages incurred for reasons attributable to counterpart’s liability with respect to performance of basic contract and individual contract.

Prohibited Items

Please understand that it is not possible to do business with the work of the contents as below or with the client.。

  • Group of organizations and individuals involved in antisocial forces, such as organized crime groups, gangster members, subgroups of gangsters, organizations involved in gangsters,
  • Things that the body’s safety can not be secured
  • Model (talent), those damaging the credibility, honor, image of model office or violating privacy
  • Expression including pornography (including adult video) or obscene expression
  • The content of the cast is not clear
  • Cast appearance that becomes a false act such as so-called “Yaase” that pretends as truth
  • Model office, model (talent) Infringe any intellectual property rights or other rights of other users or third parties
  • Acts that violate public order and morals and laws and regulations Others that we deem inappropriate
  • Take direct contact and negotiate with the model (talent) without permission of the model office
  • Contractors competing with our service
  • Usage period and use purpose of stock photo etc. are not clear
  • Shooting more than 8 hours of model / child role under 15 years old and shooting after 20 o’clock etc.

Definition of individual contract and condition

With respect to individual contracts to be concluded, the user shall present the following contents to the model (talent) beforehand and deal according to separate individual contract.

  • (1) Contents of use, period of use
  • (2) Appearance media
  • (3) Appearance fee and portrait license fee and these terms of payment
  • (4) Conflict and absence and conditions and other obligations to be borne by the other party
  • (5) Usage area
  • (6) Competition condition
  • (7) Appearance fee (including portrait license fee)
  • (8) Payment Terms

Other notes

About the performance fee

Appeal fee · usage fee will be decided depending on usage medium · period · area, restraint date / time, presence / absence of competition and audition. Also, withholding tax is not required for withholding tax, but consumption tax will be charged separately from performance fee.

Restricted fee such as rehearsal

We will decide on each occasion the fee will be charged separately for the restraint of performers other than the actual day (rehearsal, weather reserve, movement date, fitting etc. Also, the narrator’s audition production).

Regarding the constraint time

In principle, the restraint time of 1 day shall be 8 hours. (Up to 20 o’clock under the age of 15. Up to 22 o’clock under the age of 18.) If you extend the designated restraint time, we will claim an extension fee.
Please consult us beforehand if shooting takes from late night to morning. Also, in that case, please give us a taxi transfer by cost of the client.

Regarding competition

If conflicts occur, we will confirm the conditions in advance in writing. Please also clearly inform the area (Japan only, the whole world).

About extension

If there is a possibility of extension, please inform me of renewing the contract one month before the contract is over. In the unlikely event, if you continue to post it without notice, penalty will be incurred and we will not be responsible for contract extension. Also, it may not be possible to extend due to conditions or other reasons.

Regarding the addition of medium / area

Additional fee will be charged if areas and media are added. Please show the condition etc one month before the contract extension.

About the archive

Please acknowledge that we may request deletion of SNS sent during the contract period and archives on the Internet due to conflicts and other casting circumstances.

About payment

Clients without dealings records, individual clients please make a transfer by the day before the shooting date. Also, regarding the payment method of a client that already has a transaction, please confirm beforehand such as the closing date, payment date, etc. before shooting is decided.

About cancellation

Cancellation fee will be charged for cancellation after the decision.

  • The day before, the day 100%
  • Cancellation before that is 50%

Security guarantee and insurance

出Please be careful of the performers’ safety when appearing. Please prepare for insurance contract in case of accident in case of emergency, please bear in advance that all the damage not covered by insurance will be borne.

Casting flow

Rights attribution

Portrait right and publicity right

“Portrait rights” is the right to have content that the person does not use his portrait abused by others, and “publicity right” is the right to protect the property value produced by the portrait (talent) was appointed Economic value such as television commercials and advertisements · posters · signboards will occur.

  • Since “publicity right” belongs to the model office to which the model (talent) belongs, be sure to confirm the condition to the model office and obtain permission whenever changing conditions or extending the period. We will also prohibit direct negotiations with the person himself. ≤br/≥ Also, depending on the content of the appearance, the rights of the performer on copyright law may be involved, so please contact the model office for details.
  • You can not modify the portrait of a model (talent) without permission. Also, we will refuse modifications that hurt the image of the model (talent) himself.
  • Please also obtain permission from the model office before using the name / voice / background. We will prohibit using information on our website without permission or using presentation materials.